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Export-Oriented Industrialization of Underdeveloped Countries

Folker Frobel, Jurgen Heinrichs, Otto Kreye


The following article carries on certain themes highlighted in "Free Trade Zones in Southeast Asia," by Tsuchiya Takeo, MR, February 1978. It is based on a major study by Frobel, Heinrichs, and Kreye which was recently published in German: Die neue internationale Arbeitsteilung: Strukterelle Arbeitslosigkeit in Industrielandern und Industrialisierung in Entwicklungslandern (The new international division of labor: structural unemployment in industrialized countries and industrialization in developing countries), Hamburg: Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag, 1977, 654 pp., DM 10.80. An English edition will be published in the near future by Cambridge University Press. The authors are senior associates at the Max- Planck-Institut zur Erforschung der Lebensbedingungen der wissenschaftlichtechnischen Welt, Starnberg, West Germany. - THE EDITORS


Global Economic Crisis; Imperialism

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