Vol. 49, No. 4: September 1997

  • More (or Less) on Globalization by Paul M. Sweezy
  • Between Nuremburg and Amnesia: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa by Beth S. Lyons
  • The Many Lives of Meridel Le Sueur (19001996) by Alan Wald
  • Information Technology and Socialist Self-Management by Andy Pollack
  • Free Market Democracy and Global Hegemony by John Bellamy Foster

Vol. 49, No. 3: July-August 1997

  • Labor, The State, and Class Struggle by Ellen Meiksins Wood
  • Talking About Work by Doug Henwood
  • Same As It Ever Was? The Structure of the Working Class by Peter Meiksins
  • Organizing the Unorganized: Will Promises Become Practices? by Michael D. Yates, Fernando E. Gapasin
  • American Labor: A Movement Again? by Kim Moody
  • Race and Labor Organization in the United States by Michael Goldfield
  • Zapatismo and the Workers Movement in Mexico at the End of the Century by Richard Roman, Edur Velasco Arregui
  • The "Late Blooming" of the South Korean Labor Movement by Hochul Sonn
  • The French Winter of Discontent by Daniel Singer
  • Notes on Labor at the End of the Century by Sam Gindin

Vol. 49, No. 2: June 1997

  • Back to Marx by Ellen Meiksins Wood
  • Martin and Malcolm: How Shall We Honor Our Heroes? by Grace Lee Boggs
  • Globalization is an Issue, The Power of Capital is the Issue by William K. Tabb
  • Pandemic Immiseration by A. Kent MacDougall
  • India: Caste and Great State Nationalism: An Exchange by V. Geetha; S. V. Rajadurai; Aijaz Ahmad
  • The End of the G-7 and Rising Imperialist Rivalry by Christopher Rude
  • The Chinese Diaspora by R. F. Price
  • The Guilt of Capitalism by Paul M. Sweezy

Vol. 49, No. 1: May 1997

  • How to Spread the Word: Reprint by Leo Huberman
  • Corporations and Citizenship by Paddy Ireland
  • The History of Class Struggle: From Original Accumulation to Neoliberalism by Kees van der Pijl
  • What About Keynes? by Douglas F. Dowd
  • The Costs of Economic Liberalism by John Cavanagh

Vol. 48, No. 11: April 1997

  • Breath of Hope: On the Writings of Eduardo Galeano by Isabel Allende
  • Footnote to the Cold War: The Harvard Russian Research Center by Martin Oppenheimer
  • Nuclear Clouds Over the Korean Peninsula and Japan by Toshimaru Ogura, Ingyu Oh
  • Cry "Havoc!" And Let Slip the Dogs of War: McCarthyism, Korea, and Other Nightmares by Douglas F. Dowd
  • Self-Portrait of a Revolutionary by Victor Wallis
  • Yugoslavia Dismembered by Lukin Robinson

Vol. 48, No. 10: March 1997

  • Against Social De(con)struction of Science: Cautionary Tales from the Third World by Meera Nanda
  • Cuba Today and the Future of Cuban Socialism by Al Campbell
  • Political Correctness (and Courtesy) in Australia by Gary MacLennan
  • Istv Mzos' Beyond Capital by Joel Kovel
  • The People's Church by Paul Surlis
  • Response to Martin Glaberman; Reply to Nelson Lichtenstein by Nelson Lichtenstein, Martin Glaberman

Vol. 48, No. 9: February 1997

  • Does the U.S. Labor Movement Have a Future? by Michael D. Yates
  • Capitalism, Globalization, and Epochal Shifts: An Exchange by A. Sivanandan, Ellen Meiksins Wood
  • Efficiency and Welfare Under Capitalism: Denmark vs. The United States, A Short Comparison by Andreas Jgensen
  • Sexual Abuse and the U.S. Military Presence: The Philippines and Japan by Daniel B. Schirmer
  • Making Democracy Safe for the Rich by Roderick Hill

Vol. 48, No. 8: January 1997

  • Requiem for Social Democracy? by Daniel Singer
  • The Socialist Ideal by William Morris
  • Structural Adjustment in Haiti by Mark Weisbrot
  • Environmental Echoes by Jeanne Riha
  • Exterminate All The Brutes by Camille Goodison
  • Lyricist On The Left by Paul Buhle
  • Image and Reality by David Finkel


Vol. 48, No. 7: December 1996

  • Cuba: Love and Self-Reliance by Grace Lee Boggs
  • The World Economy, Market Imperatives and Alternatives by Gregory Albo
  • In Defense of Utopia by Morris Zeitlin
  • Democracy and Human Rights: China and the West by Li Xing
  • Challenging the Bourgeois Paradigm by Colin Barker
  • From Marx to Gramsci by Michael Ly
  • "Nice Work, But You Can't Get It" by Michael D. Yates
  • A Socialist Movement?; Public Radio by R. F. Price, Andrew Jay Tierman

Vol. 48, No. 6: November 1996

  • Russian Workers Under Yeltsin's Regime: Notes on a Class in Defeat by Vladimir Bilenkin
  • The Blessings of Private Enterprise by Michael Parenti
  • Whose History Is It? by Harvey J. Kaye
  • Reflections on the Recent Work of Sheila Rowbotham: Women's Movements and Building Bridges by Vinay Bahl
  • Honest, Able, and Fearless by John Mage
  • Walter Reuther, "Social Unionist" by Martin Glaberman
  • Cuba's Health Care System by Will Podmore
  • Birthday Song by E. Y. Harburg

Vol. 48, No. 5: October 1996

  • Thurow on Social Security: The "Left" Strikes Again by Richard B. Du Boff
  • Issues of Class and Culture: An Interview with Aijaz Ahmad by Aijaz Ahmad, Ellen Meiksins Wood
  • U.S. Race Relations at the Crossroads in California by Anthony M. Platt
  • Lenin as Left-Hegelian by Paul Le Blanc
  • Take Me, I'm Yours by Douglas F. Dowd
  • Response to Victor Wallis; Reply to Ronald Aronson by Ronald Aronson, Victor Wallis

Vol. 48, No. 4: September 1996

  • Post What? by Doug Henwood
  • A View from the Trough by Richard Levins
  • The Roast Beef of Old England by John Newsinger
  • The Left-Liberal Consensus on Japan: A Methodological and Political Critique by Paul Burkett, Martin Hart-Landsberg
  • Response to Lukin Robinson; Reply to Ken Morrison by Ken L. Morrison, Lukin Robinson
  • Writings for a Liberation Psychology by Joel Kovel
  • Makoto Itoh's Socialism by William K. Tabb
  • Calling the Shots by Saul Landau

Vol. 48, No. 3: July-August 1996

  • The Global Struggle for Democratic Communication by Robert W. McChesney
  • Modernity, Postmodernity, or Capitalism? by Ellen Meiksins Wood
  • Virtual Capitalism: The Political Economy of the Information Highway by Michael Dawson, John Bellamy Foster
  • Privatization of Telecommunications by Nicholas Baran
  • World Wide Wedge: Division and Contradiction in the Global Information Infrastructure by Peter Golding
  • Democracy and the New Technologies by Ken Hirschkop
  • Work, New Technology, and Capitalism by Peter Meiksins
  • The Propaganda Model Revisited by Edward S. Herman

Vol. 48, No. 2: June 1996

  • Imperialism and Culturalism Complement Each Other by Samir Amin
  • Left Feminism and the Return to Class by Joanne Naiman
  • "Of Course Murder": On A Sort of Homage to Kurt Tucholsky by John Rosenthal
  • The Agony of Neo-Liberalism or the End of Civilization? by Boris Kagarlitsky
  • Accumulate, Accumulate! That Is Moses and the Prophets by Arthur DiQuattro
  • Revolutionary Folktales by Jack Weston
  • William Appleman Williams: Public Historian by Michael Meeropol
  • Progress and History by Alexander Saxton

Vol. 48, No. 1: May 1996

  • December 1995: "The First Revolt Against Globalization" by Raghu Krishnan
  • What Kind of Capitalism? The Revival of Class Struggle in Canada by Errol Black, Robert Chernomas
  • Origins of the Cold War: New Evidence by Patrick Flaherty
  • Scrofula"The King's Evil" by Percy Brazil
  • A Serious Person by W. H. Locke Anderson
  • The Intellectual and the Challenge of Palestine by Nubar Hovsepian

Vol. 47, No. 11: April 1996

  • Five Theses on Actually Existing Marxism by Frederic Jameson
  • The Great Irish Famine: A Crime of Free Market Economics by John Newsinger
  • Observations on the Cuban Revolution by William Smaldone
  • Ponting's ChurchillA Response; Reply to Lukin Robinson; Response to the Editors' Comments; Responsibility of the Press: NPR and Mumia Abu-Jamal by Lukin Robinson; John Newsinger; Vicente Navarro; Brian King
  • The Global Public Intellectual by Paul Burkett
  • Inside Information by W. H. Locke Anderson

Vol. 47, No. 10: March 1996

  • Is There Any Hope for Cultural Studies? by Robert W. McChesney
  • Living as Though the Truth Were True: Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker by W. H. Locke Anderson
  • The Marketization of Mongolia by K. L. Abeywickrama
  • For a Zapatista Style Postmodernist Perspective; Marxism and Postmodernism: A Reply to Roger Burbach; On Hobsbawm's Pessimism: A Reply to Justin Rosenberg by Roger Burbach; Ellen Meiksins Wood; John Bellamy Foster; David Englestein
  • For a Democratic Revolution by Jack Weston
  • Makes Me Wanna Holler by Thad Williamson
  • Hemp, Hemp, Hooray! by Joyce Stoller

Vol. 47, No. 9: February 1996

  • Real Renewal for America: Time for Change, Time for Sharing by Adrian W. DeWind
  • "The Labor Market is Unlike Any Other" by Michael D. Yates
  • The Ontario Election and After by Lukin Robinson
  • Japan and the Global Policeman by Daniel B. Schirmer
  • Cuba and the United States: A Personal Reflection on Thirty-five Years of Conflict by Mike Faulkner
  • Race Rebels, Class Rebels by Paul Buhle
  • Lean and Mean by James Devine
  • Learning from Labor by Alan Wald

Vol. 47, No. 8: January 1996

  • China: Six Years After Tiananmen by Minqi Li
  • Fascism and Antifascism: Today and Yesterday; Editors' Comment by Vicente Navarro, The Editors (MR)
  • Socialism Under Siege by Victor Wallis
  • Truth, Justice, and the Marxian Way by John Ehrenberg
  • "We're All in this Together" by Michael D. Yates
  • The Secretary of Utopia by Michael Dawson


Vol. 47, No. 7: December 1995

  • Public Broadcasting in the Age of Communications Revolution by Robert W. McChesney
  • Globalization Versus Labor by Dave Broad
  • Nicaraguan President Violetta Chamorro: "Five Years of Structural Adjustment" by Joseph E. Mulligan, S. J.
  • The Politics of Free Trade: The Marketplace as Closet Dictator by Peter Seybold
  • Madmen and Scribblers by W. H. Locke Anderson
  • Strategy for Conquest by Joel Kovel

Vol. 47, No. 6: November 1995

  • The Part Played by Labor in the Transition from Ape to Man by Friedrich Engels
  • Posture Maketh the Man by Stephen Jay Gould
  • Ecology and Human Freedom by John Bellamy Foster
  • Homage to Pasolini on the Twentieth Anniversary of His Murder by John Mage
  • Transitions in South Africa: To What? by Peter Marcuse
  • Lenin, Gramsci, and Marzani; Response to Toporowski by Christopher Phelps, Jeff Rudin
  • Guatemalan Workers Take on Coke by Hobart A. Spalding
  • Unraveling Washington's Cold War by Victor Wallis

Vol. 47, No. 5: October 1995

  • Government and Social Insurance: A View from the Left by Richard B. Du Boff
  • The Ideology of Competitiveness by James Rinehart
  • The Ideology of Russia's Rulers in 1995: Westernizers and Eurasians by Vladimir Bilenkin
  • The Current Struggle for Philippine Sovereignty by Daniel B. Schirmer
  • "Power Concedes Nothing Without A Demand" by Arthur MacEwan
  • Abbie Hoffman and a Troubled Democracy by Gene Fellner

Vol. 47, No. 4: September 1995

  • Globalizing the Economy: The Influence of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank by Michael Tanzer
  • The Third Sector as a Protective Layer for Capitalism by Joan Roelofs
  • Modern Barbarism: Notes on the Fiftieth Anniversaries of Auschwitz and Hiroshima by Michael Ly
  • Eritrea: Starting from Scratch by Dan Connell
  • Computers and Capitalism: A Tragic Misuse of Technology by Nicholas Baran
  • Here Today and Gone Tomorrow by Martin Oppenheimer
  • Crisis, Economy, and Environment by John Lie
  • Capitalism is Church Universal by James Devine
  • The Downing Street Years by John Newsinger

Vol. 47, No. 3: July-August 1995

  • What is the Postmodern Agenda? An Introduction by Ellen Meiksins Wood
  • Language, History, and Class Struggle by David McNally
  • The Politics of Cultural Studies by Francis Mulhern
  • Culture, Nationalism, and the Role of Intellectuals: An Interview with Aijaz Ahmad by Aijaz Ahmad
  • Where Do Postmodernists Come From? by Terry Eagleton
  • History and Black Consciousness: The Political Culture of Black America by Manning Marable
  • Postmodernism, Feminism, and Marx: Notes from the Abyss by Carol Stabile
  • Marx and the Environment by John Bellamy Foster
  • Northern Intellectuals and the EZLN by Daniel Nugent
  • Hobsbawm's Century by Justin Rosenberg

Vol. 47, No. 2: June 1995

  • Toward Alternatives: Re-reading the Great Transformation by Kari Polanyi Levitt
  • The Clock Slows Down by Harry Magdoff
  • Moment of Truth for Social Democracy? by Daniel Singer
  • Castro Speaks in Copenhagen by Fidel Castro
  • Crime Rave by Anthony M. Platt
  • The Truth about the Information Highway by David Noble
  • Countering Amnesia by Annette T. Rubinstein
  • So Many Footnotes, So Many Questions by Russell Harrison

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