Vol. 37, No. 11: April 1986

  • The Stakes in South Africa by Paul M. Sweezy, Harry Magdoff
  • South Africa: The Crisis Deepens by John S. Saul
  • Capital, the Trade Unions, and the National Liberation Struggle by David Lewis
  • Destabilization in Southern Africa: Total Strategy in Total Disarray by Dan O'Meara
  • The United States and South Africa by Jim Cason, Mike Fleshman
  • Aspects of the Struggle: Youth; Women; Trade Unions; Community Organizations; The Church by The Editors (MR)

Vol. 37, No. 10: March 1986

  • Questions for the Peace Movement by Paul M. Sweezy, Harry Magdoff
  • The Guatemalan Army and U.S. Policy in Central America by Mario Payeras
  • Those Philippine Bases by Daniel B. Schirmer
  • The Perilous Slope by Neville deB. Cullen
  • Socialism: Utopian and Feasible by Paresh Chattopadhyay
  • Halting India's Environmental Devastation by M. R. Bhagavan

Vol. 37, No. 9: February 1986

  • Third World DebtPast and Present by Harry Magdoff
  • Braudel on Capitalism and the Market; Paul Sweezy Comments by Immanuel Wallerstein, Paul M. Sweezy
  • Canada's Economy: The Prism of Class by Errol Black
  • The Kind of Revolution We Need by James Boggs
  • Singing With the People by Kate Scheinman
  • The Joys and Miseries of Suburban Sex and Alienation by Brian Morton
  • Women, Work and Protest by Miriam Frank
  • Where are the Rebels in Paradise? by Bruce T. Williams, Michael D. Yates

Vol. 37, No. 8: January 1986

  • The Regime of Capital by Paul M. Sweezy
  • Historical Materialism and the Catholic Church: The Irish Example by John Newsinger
  • Class, Power and the State by Joel Kovel
  • Who Needs a Strong State? by E. Ahmet Tonak
  • Dialectical Biologists by Martha R. Herbert, Joseph Shapiro
  • The Left Academy by John Ehrenberg
  • The Life and Death of a Peasant Community by Keith M. Buchanan


Vol. 37, No. 7: December 1985

  • The Financial Explosion by Paul M. Sweezy, Harry Magdoff
  • Nicaragua: The Strategy of Counterrevolution by Kent Norsworthy, William I. Robinson
  • Big Mac and the Tropical Forests by Joseph K. Skinner
  • Riding the Waves with the Wall Street Journal by Dan Subotnik
  • For a Better Love by Roque Dalton
  • Predis Guerrero: Early Revolutionary: Revolution is Beautiful; Forerunner of Feminism by Rey Devis, Bobbye Ortiz
  • Communism in Harlem by Cornel West
  • A Quiet Violence by Cheryl Payer
  • Buried Treasure by Annette T. Rubinstein
  • On India and Mexico by Firdaus Jhabvala

Vol. 37, No. 6: November 1985

  • America's Working Man by David Montgomery
  • Socialism and Spirituality by Paul Buhle, Thomas Fiehrer
  • Dept Trap Peonage by Chinweizu (anon.)
  • The Resurrection of Out-Work by Bettina Berch
  • Cuba's Economic Performance by Andrew Zimbalist
  • India's Development Path by Paresh Chattopadhyay
  • Spain: Systematic Torture in a Democratic State by Hylah M. Jacques

Vol. 37, No. 5: October 1985

  • The Strange Recovery of 1983-1984 by Paul M. Sweezy, Harry Magdoff
  • Democracy and the Dependent Capitalist State in Latin America by Kenneth Roberts
  • Korea and Dependency Theory; The Editors Comment by Aidan Foster-Carter, The Editors (MR)
  • Disaster Prevention: Defining the Problem by Mahmood Mamdani
  • The World-System Theory of Oliver C. Cox by Herbert M. Hunter
  • Private Troubles and Public Issues by Harry R. Targ

Vol. 37, No. 4: September 1985

  • Intervention in Vietnam and Central America: Parallels and Differences by Noam Chomsky
  • Mr Seaga's Jamaica: An Inside Look by Bernard D. Headley
  • The Specificity of Soviet Capitalism by Charles Bettelheim
  • What Kind of Recovery?; The Editors Reply by H. L. Robinson

Vol. 37, No. 3: July-August 1985

  • Reflections on Anti-Communism by Marcel Liebman, Ralph Miliband
  • The Road Ahead by Vicente Navarro
  • Where Is South Africa Going? by Beyers Naude
  • Nicaraguan Literacy Campaign: Its Democratic Essence by Russell Kleinbach
  • Center and Periphery: Reflections on the Irrelevance of a Billion Human Beings by Keith M. Buchanan
  • After CapitalismWhat? by Paul M. Sweezy
  • Are There Economic Laws of Socialism? by Harry Magdoff

Vol. 37, No. 2: June 1985

  • Lessons of Vietnam by Paul M. Sweezy, Harry Magdoff
  • A Short History of the War in Vietnam by Jayne Werner
  • They Also Serve by Hans Koning
  • U.S. Black MayorsWhat Next? A European Perspective by Bruno Cartosio
  • What Now For Blacks? by James Boggs
  • The Tragedy of Cambodia by Thomas F. Mayer
  • Religion and the Leftand the Catholic Church; What Is Socialist Architecture? by George Fish, Arthur Bassin

Vol. 37, No. 1: May 1985

  • The Deficit, the Debt, and the Real World by Paul M. Sweezy, Harry Magdoff
  • Mau Mau30 Years Later by John Newsinger
  • Burlington, Vermont: Socialism on the Local Level? by Beth Bates
  • 1984 and Beyond: Hope Today by Ronald Aronson
  • Class and Race by Fred Curtis
  • Marxism and the Facts of Life; Reply; How Powerful is the Fed? by Michael Losonsky, Jr.; Stephen A. Resnick; Richard D. Wolff; Andrew W. Caughey

Vol. 36, No. 11: April 1985

  • Class and Power in Canada by Leo Panitch
  • The Vatican Strikes Back by Joel Kovel
  • The Philippine Economy by Charles W. Lindsey
  • Back to Bukharin by Carl Marzani
  • Africa: Alternative Perspectives by Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe
  • The Corporate Income Tax -- Who Pays?; Craig Medlen Replies; It's Worse Than That!; Race and Class by Arthur DiQuattro; Craig Medlen; Henry Park; Steven Shulman

Vol. 36, No. 10: March 1985

  • What is Marxism? by Paul M. Sweezy, Harry Magdoff
  • The Uneasy Calm: Third World DebtThe Case of Mexico by John C. Pool, Stephen C. Stamos
  • Class in Marx's Conception of History, Ancient and Modern by Geoffrey de Ste. Croix
  • Nicaragua Under Fire by John S. Saul
  • Two Elections by Victor Wallis
  • The Crisis of U.S. Trade Unions by Thomas Michl

Vol. 36, No. 9: February 1985

  • The Current Crisis in Latin America and the International Economy by Arthur MacEwan
  • Corporate Interests, Philanthropies, and the Peace Movement by Felix Rodriguez; Howard Waitzkin; Talmadge Wright
  • Reflections on the Present State of Economics by Josef Steindl
  • The MovementA 25-Year Perspective by Martin Oppenheimer
  • Long Bow Revisited by Lynne Belaief

Vol. 36, No. 8: January 1985

  • Four More Years of What? by Paul M. Sweezy, Harry Magdoff
  • Class, Communalism and Official Complicity: India after Indira by Amrita Kesselman, Mark Kesselman
  • Nicaragua's Ethnic Minorities in the Revolution by Philippe Bourgois
  • The Way Forward by Perry Cartwright, Anci Koppel
  • The Best-Housed People in History by Tony Schuman
  • The New Cold War by Joe Stork


Vol. 36, No. 7: December 1984

  • Money Out of Control by Paul M. Sweezy, Harry Magdoff
  • Nineteen Eighty-Four in 1984 by Raymond Williams
  • The 1983 Nobel Prize in Economics: Neoclassical Economics and Marxism by Stephen A. Resnick, Richard D. Wolff
  • "Religion and the Left": A Commentary; Do White Workers Benefit From Racism? by Richard Levins, Robert Cherry
  • A Particular Road by Marc Edelman
  • Cruising 'Nam by Marilyn B. Young

Vol. 36, No. 6: November 1984

  • The Need for Tax Reform by The Editors (MR)
  • Corporate Taxes and the Federal Deficit by Craig Medlen
  • To Fidel Castro On His 58th Birthday by Munyonzwe Hamalengwa
  • A View From the Garden by Alexander Saxton
  • More on the Responsibility of the Left; Media Double Standards; God Bless The Revolution!; One World System or Two? by Brian King; Norman G. Finkelstein; Annette T. Rubinstein
  • Soviet Foreign Policy by Andre Kuczewski
  • Reification and the Architectural Process by Harris Stone

Vol. 36, No. 5: October 1984

  • From "Growth" to "Basic Needs": The Evolution of Development Theory by Ibrahim M. Samater
  • Brave New Corporate World: An Assesment of Industrial Policy by Michael Hillard, Richard McIntyre
  • Loyola, Lenin, and the Road to Liberation by Ludo Abicht
  • Marxism and Christianity; The Vatican and the Left; Reply by Carl Marzani by Terry Brown; Charles J. Coe; Charles Douglas Lewis
  • Modes of Production and Class Struggle by Samir Amin
  • Capitalism's Contradictory History by Leften S. Stavrianos

Vol. 36, No. 4: September 1984

  • A Lesson from History by Paul M. Sweezy, Harry Magdoff
  • Contradictions in the Capitalist Development of Egypt: A Review Essay by Samir Amin
  • Saving the World Economy by John Loxley
  • MisunderstandingsNicaragua by Michael K. Hertz
  • Workers and State Power: A Reply to Jeremy Brecher; The Left and Elections by Norman Best, Fritz Silber
  • Mexican History and the Current Crisis by Ross Gandy, Donald Clark Hodges
  • Revolution and Ideology in Africa by Goffredo Caccia

Vol. 36, No. 3: July-August 1984

  • Religion and the Left: Preface by The Editors (MR)
  • Religion and the Left: Introduction by Cornel West
  • The Christian-Marxist Dialogue of the 1960s by Dorothee Sle
  • Basic Christian Communities and the Future of Latin America by Philip Berryman
  • Preparing the Soil: Notes on the Liberating Theologies in Asia by Elizabeth M. Bounds, James E. Palm
  • An Analysis of the Christian Left in the United States by Kathleen Schultz
  • Women's Studies by Sheila D. Collins
  • Fifteen Years of Ferment by Janet Kalven
  • Liberation Theology in the Bible Belt by Gil Dawes
  • Creed by Claribel Alegr, Julia Mayer Orozco
  • A Theology of Liberation by Gustavo Gutirez
  • The Gospel in Solentiname by Ernesto Cardenal
  • On Communist Priests by Camilo Torres
  • Black Religion and Black Radicalism by Gayraud S. Wilmore
  • Black Theology and the Struggle for Liberation in South Africa by Allan Boesak
  • Bibliography by The Editors (MR)

Vol. 36, No. 2: June 1984

  • Revolution and Reaction: U.S. Policy in Central America. 36:2 (6/84) by Roger Burbach
  • Toward a Theory of the State in Socialism: The Case of China by Clifford DuRand
  • Teaching Mark Twain in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s by David Herreshoff
  • Zimbabwe: The Lesson Isn't Over by Robert Ware
  • Marxism and Christianity by Joel Kovel
  • Revolution Remembered by Gordon K. Lewis

Vol. 36, No. 1: May 1984

  • What's Wrong with the American Economy? by Paul M. Sweezy
  • The Transformation of the Philippine Economy by Robin Broad
  • 1984: Looking Backward at Orwell's Novel of the 1940s by Gene Bell-Villada
  • OPEC'S Decade: Has It Made a Difference? by Michael Tanzer, Stephen Zorn
  • On Capital Punishment by Karl Marx
  • Witness in Nicaragua; On the Responsibility of the Left by Russ Christensen, Prudence Posner Pace
  • The Worldwide Textile Industry by Edward S. Herman
  • Labor's War by Steve Diamond

Vol. 35, No. 11: April 1984

  • The Federal Deficit: The Real Issues by Paul M. Sweezy, Harry Magdoff
  • Medicine as Industry: The Health Care Sector in the United States by David U. Himmelstein, Steffie Woolhandler
  • Stealing the Third World's Nonrenewable Resources: Lessons from Brazil by Michael Tanzer
  • Christian Faith and the Crisis of Empire by Richard Shaull
  • More on China's New Family Contract System; More on "From Rights to Power" by William Hinton, James Boggs
  • The Politics of Race by Steven Shulman
  • The Future of Africa by (Lenny) Lemuel Owugah

Vol. 35, No. 10: March 1984

  • Crisis Economy: Born Again Labor Movement?; Comment: Making History But Not Under Circumstances Chosen By Ourselves by Jeremy Brecher, David Montgomery
  • Academic Freedom in America Today: A Marxist View by Bertell Ollman
  • Coming of Age by Marianne Walters
  • People's Lawyer by Barry Winograd
  • The Triumph and Tragedy of War Communism by Jeff Goldthorpe

Vol. 35, No. 9: February 1984

  • The Left and the 1984 Elections by Paul M. Sweezy, Harry Magdoff
  • The Future of Nuclear Power by Jay M. Gould
  • Toward the Democratic Opening in Latin America: The Case of Brazil by Ronald H. Chilcote
  • On Marxism and Ethiopian Student Radicalism in North America by Tesfaye Demmellash
  • BelizeOn the Rim of the Cauldron by Dave Broad
  • Capitalist Health Care by Elizabeth Fee
  • Rock, Style, and Ideology by Greg Gaut

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