Vol. 63, No. 2: June 2011

  • "Notes from the Editors, June 2011" by The Editors (MR)
  • "The Internationalization of Monopoly Capital" by John Bellamy Foster; Robert W. McChesney; R. Jamil Jonna
  • "The Jobs Disaster in the United States" by Fred Magdoff
  • "The Rise of the Working Class and the Future of the Chinese Revolution" by Minqi Li
  • "Three Poems by Marilyn Buck" by Marilyn Buck
  • "The Emperor Has No Clothes But Still He Rules" by Michael D. Yates

Vol. 63, No. 1: May 2011

  • "Notes from the Editors, May 2011" by The Editors (MR)
  • "On the Laws of Capitalism" by John Bellamy Foster, Paul M. Sweezy
  • "The Dialectic of Structure and History: An Introduction" by István Mészáros
  • "Labor's Love Lost: War Among the Unions" by Jon Flanders
  • "Labor Revolts in the 1970s" by Elly Leary
  • "The Jack O'Dell Story" by Paul Buhle
  • "Woody Guthrie: Redder than Remembered" by Scott Borchert

Vol. 62, No. 11: April 2011

  • "Notes from the Editors, April 2011" by The Editors (MR)
  • "Monopoly and Competition in Twenty-First Century Capitalism" by John Bellamy Foster; Robert W. McChesney; R. Jamil Jonna
  • "Cluster Munitions and State Terrorism" by Beau Grosscup
  • "A hundred years since the Triangle Fire" by Marge Piercy
  • "Not Naming Names: Julius Rosenberg’s Decidedly Political Decision" by Michael Meeropol
  • "Asia and the Great Financial Crisis" by Douglas Porpora

Vol. 62, No. 10: March 2011

  • "Notes from the Editors, March 2011" by The Editors (MR)
  • "The Internet's Unholy Marriage to Capitalism" by John Bellamy Foster, Robert W. McChesney
  • "Structural Crisis in the World-System: Where Do We Go from Here?" by Immanuel Wallerstein
  • "Mortgaging Irish Independence: From Financial Crisis to Socialist Resistance" by Julie L. MacArthur
  • "The Latin American School of Medicine Today: ELAM" by Don Fitz

Vol. 62, No. 9: February 2011

  • "Notes from the Editors, February 2011" by The Editors (MR)
  • "The Trajectory of Historical Capitalism and Marxism's Tricontinental Vocation" by Samir Amin
  • "Stephen Jay Gould's Critique of Progress" by Richard York, Brett Clark
  • "States of Exception—Haiti's IDP Camps" by Valerie Kaussen
  • "Is There Anything More to Say About the Rosenberg Case?" by Staughton Lynd
  • "On Nuclear Power" by John W. Farley
  • "Greed beyond Avarice" by H. Rae Aston
  • "Cannabis Goes Communist" by Daniel Huberman

Vol. 62, No. 8: January 2011

  • "Notes from the Editors, January 2011" by The Editors (MR)
  • "Ecological Civilization" by Fred Magdoff
  • "Capitalism and Degrowth: An Impossibility Theorem" by John Bellamy Foster
  • "Continuing Sources of Marxism: Looking for the Movement as a Whole" by Richard Levins
  • "Water—On Women's Burdens, Humans' Rights, and Companies' Profits" by Zuhal Yeşilyurt Gündüz
  • "Heinberg's New Coal Question" by Ryan Wishart


Vol. 62, No. 7: December 2010

  • "Notes from the Editors, December 2010" by The Editors (MR)
  • "ALBA and the Promise of Cooperative Development" by Martin Hart-Landsberg
  • "Blood on the Path of Love: The Striking Workers of Faisalabad, Pakistan" by Qalandar Bux Memon
  • "The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Test Scorer" by Dan DiMaggio
  • "Two Letters on Monopoly Capital Theory" by Paul A. Baran, Paul M. Sweezy
  • "The Indiscreet Banality of the Bourgeoisie: The Church of LEED, Passive House, and the Dangers of Going Green" by Jeff Dardozzi
  • "Free-Market Feminism" by Johanna Brenner

Vol. 62, No. 6: November 2010

  • "Notes from the Editors, November 2010" by The Editors (MR)
  • "Capitalism and the Curse of Energy Efficiency: The Return of the Jevons Paradox" by John Bellamy Foster; Brett Clark; Richard York
  • "The Humanization of the Cosmos—To What End?" by Peter Dickens
  • "Mexico: "Failed States," New Wars, Resistance" by James D. Cockcroft
  • "Dreams of Revolution: Oklahoma, 1917" by John Womack, Jr., Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz
  • "The Guilt of Capitalism" by Paul M. Sweezy

Vol. 62, No. 5: October 2010

  • "Notes from the Editors, October 2010" by The Editors (MR)
  • "The Financialization of Accumulation" by John Bellamy Foster
  • "The Crisis of Capitalism in Europe, West and East" by Özlem Onaran
  • "Equality and Rights for Immigrants—the Key to Organizing Unions" by David Bacon
  • "Two Poems" by Marilyn Buck
  • "The Great Financial Crisis—Three Years On" by John Bellamy Foster, Fred Magdoff
  • "Red Cop in Red China: Qiu Xiaolong’s Novels on the Cusp of Communism and Capitalism" by Jonah Raskin

Vol. 62, No. 4: September 2010

  • "Notes from the Editors, September 2010" by The Editors (MR)
  • "The Wall Street Collapse and Return of Reality-Based Economics" by Robert Pollin
  • "The Wisdom of Property and the Politics of the Middle Classes" by Jan Toporowski
  • "Genocide Denial with a Vengeance: Old and New Imperial Norms" by Noam Chomsky
  • "Chemical Catastrophe: From Bhopal to BP Texas City" by Tomás Mac Sheoin
  • "Cultural Impersonations and Appropriations: A Fashion Report" by Al Sandine
  • "Workingclass nostalgia" by Marge Piercy
  • "Our Last Chance to Save Humanity?" by John W. Farley
  • "A History of the Great Bust—Still With Us" by Richard B. Du Boff

Vol. 62, No. 3: July 2010

  • "Notes from the Editors, July-August 2010" by The Editors (MR)
  • "Foreword to the Summer Issue" by John Bellamy Foster
  • "Latin America & Twenty-First Century Socialism: Inventing to Avoid Mistakes" by Marta Harnecker
  • "I. Latin America" by Marta Harnecker
  • "II. Twenty-First Century Socialism" by Marta Harnecker
  • "Conclusion" by Marta Harnecker

Vol. 62, No. 2: June 2010

  • "Notes from the Editors, June 2010" by The Editors (MR)
  • "Capitalism, the Absurd System: A View from the United States" by Robert W. McChesney, John Bellamy Foster
  • "South Africa's Bubble Meets Boiling Urban Social Protest" by Patrick Bond
  • "Awakening in Oaxaca: Stirrings of the People's Giant" by Robert Joe Stout
  • "El Salvador: Mining the Resistance" by Gabriel Zucker
  • "Time to Pay the Piper" by Rebecca Clausen
  • "Sartre: Conversations with a "Bourgeois Revolutionary"" by Joseph L. Walsh

Vol. 62, No. 1: May 2010

  • "Notes from the Editors, May 2010" by The Editors (MR)
  • "The Financial Power Elite" by John Bellamy Foster, Hannah Holleman
  • "Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the Propaganda System" by David Peterson
  • "The Dialectic of Social Science" by Paul Baran
  • "U.S. Terrorism in Vietnam" by Jeremy Kuzmarov
  • "Know Thine Enemy" by Paul Le Blanc
  • "The Rise and Fall of the United Farm Workers" by Michael D. Yates
  • "For Howard" by Marge Piercy

Vol. 61, No. 11: April 2010

  • "Notes from the Editors, April 2010" by The Editors (MR)
  • "How to Visit a Socialist Country" by Richard Levins
  • "The Limits of Minsky's Financial Instability Hypothesis as an Explanation of the Crisis" by Thomas I. Palley
  • "Listen Keynesians, It's the System! Response to Palley" by John Bellamy Foster, Robert W. McChesney
  • "Financial Instability: Where Will It All End?" by Harry Magdoff, Paul M. Sweezy
  • "You, Again" by Adrienne Rich

Vol. 61, No. 10: March 2010

  • "Notes from the Editors, March 2010" by The Editors (MR)
  • "What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know About Capitalism" by Fred Magdoff, John Bellamy Foster
  • "Sanctions on Iran: What's Missing from Obama's New Dialogue" by Daniel Robicheau
  • "Why Programs Fail" by Richard Levins
  • "Saving History from Oblivion in Guerrero" by Peter Watt
  • "Margaret Randall's Years in Cuba" by Jody Sokolower, Mickey Ellinger

Vol. 61, No. 9: February 2010

  • "Notes from the Editors, February 2010" by The Editors (MR)
  • "The Age of Monopoly-Finance Capital" by John Bellamy Foster
  • "The U.S. Economy and China: Capitalism, Class, and Crisis" by Martin Hart-Landsberg
  • "Beyond "Green Capitalism"" by Victor Wallis
  • "István Mészáros, Pathfinder of Socialism" by John Bellamy Foster
  • "An Untold Chapter in Black History" by Safiya Bukhari
  • "Exploring the Dialectic of the Bolivarian Revolution" by Michael A. Lebowitz

Vol. 61, No. 8: January 2010

  • "Notes from the Editors, January 2010" by The Editors (MR)
  • "Why Ecological Revolution?" by John Bellamy Foster
  • "Advertising Is a "Serious Health Threat"—to the Environment" by Michael Löwy
  • "Africa in a Changing World: An Inventory" by Tsenay Serequeberhan
  • "Jerusalem Holocaust Memorial & Palestinians' Plight" by Joseph E. Mulligan, S. J.
  • "High in the Andes" by James McEnteer
  • "In Time" by Denise Bergman
  • "Gramsci's Grandchild" by Elly Leary


Vol. 61, No. 7: December 2009

  • Notes from the Editors, December 2009 by The Editors (MR)
  • Seize the Crisis! by Samir Amin
  • The Vulnerable Planet Fifteen Years Later by John Bellamy Foster
  • Farmers, Mao, and Discontent in China: From the Great Leap Forward to the Present by Dongping Han
  • The Assassination of Fred Hampton by the FBI and Chicago Police, Forty Years Later by Jeffrey Hass
  • Psychology and Social Science by C. Wright Mills
  • Cancer and Cold War Capitalism by Susan M. Chambré
  • Got Gas? Mark Thomas Belches Out the Coca-Cola Company by B. Wardlaw

Vol. 61, No. 6: November 2009

  • Notes from the Editors, November 2009 by The Editors (MR)
  • The Paradox of Wealth: Capitalism and Ecological Destruction by John Bellamy Foster, Brett Clark
  • Capitalism and the Ecological Footprint by Samir Amin
  • What Needs To Be Done: A Socialist View by Fred Magdoff, Michael D. Yates
  • The Resistable Rise and Predictable Fall of the U.S. Supermax by Stephen F. Eisenman
  • Can Ecological Agriculture Feed Nine Billion People? by Jules Pretty
  • Ballade of the Poverties by Adrienne Rich
  • The Real Economy and the Bubble Economy by Ted Trainer, The Editors (MR)

Vol. 61, No. 5: October 2009

  • Notes from the Editors, October 2009 by The Editors (MR)
  • Monopoly-Finance Capital and the Paradox of Accumulation by John Bellamy Foster, Robert W. McChesney
  • Lessons from the New Deal Public Employment Programs by Nancy E. Rose
  • Saying More with Less: Eduardo Galeano interviewed by Jonah Raskin by Jonah Raskin
  • John Brown 150 Years After Harpers Ferry by Terry Bisson
  • Do Increased Energy Costs Offer Opportunities for a New Agriculture? by Frederick Kirschenmann
  • Gouldiana Rising by Richard York
  • A Theory of Globalized Capitalism by Jeffrey R. Webber

Vol. 61, No. 4: September 2009

  • Notes from the Editors, September 2009 by The Editors (MR)
  • Learning from ALBA and the Bank of the South: Challenges and Possibilities by Martin Hart-Landsberg
  • A Different Perspective on the U.S.-India Nuclear Deal by Peter Custers
  • Against Literary Imperialism: Storming the Barricades of the Canon by Bruce Robbins
  • The Globalization of Agribusiness and Developing World Food Systems by John Wilkinson
  • Indigenous Resistance in the Americas and the Legacy of Mariegui by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
  • Unions Must Move Left, They Have No Alternative by David Bacon

Vol. 61, No. 3: July-August 2009

  • Notes from the Editors, July 2009 by The Editors (MR)
  • An Overview of the Food and Agriculture Crisis by Brian Tokar, Fred Magdoff
  • Food Wars by Mara Baviera, Walden Bello
  • The World Food Crisis in Historical Perspective by Philip McMichael
  • Sub-Saharan Africa's Vanishing Peasantries and the Specter of a Global Food Crisis by Deborah Fahy Bryceson
  • Origins of the Food Crisis in India and Developing Countries by Utsa Patnaik
  • Free Trade in Agriculture: A Bad Idea Whose Time Is Done by Sophia Murphy
  • Reducing Energy Inputs in the Agricultural Production System by David Pimentel
  • Agroecology, Small Farms, and Food Sovereignty by Miguel A. Altieri
  • Fixing our Global Food System: Food Sovereignty and Redistributive Land Reform by Peter Rosset
  • The Venezuelan Effort to Build a New Food and Agriculture System by Christina Schiavoni, William Camacaro
  • From Food Crisis to Food Sovereignty: The Challenge of Social Movements by Eric Holt-Gimez

Vol. 61, No. 2: June 2009

  • Notes from the Editors, June 2009 by The Editors (MR)
  • The Penal State in an Age of Crisis by Hannah Holleman; Robert W. McChesney; John Bellamy Foster; R. Jamil Jonna
  • The North American Auto Industry in Crisis by Herman Rosenfeld
  • Saying No to Soy: The Campesino Struggle for Sustainable Agriculture in Paraguay by April Howard
  • Jews Confront Zionism by Daniel Rosza Lang/Levitsky
  • Don't Pity the Poor Immigrants, Fight Alongside Them by Michael D. Yates

Vol. 61, No. 1: May 2009

  • Notes from the Editors, May 2009 by The Editors (MR)
  • Capitalism in Wonderland by Brett Clark; John Bellamy Foster; Richard York
  • Inconvenient Truths about 'Real Existing' Zionism by Jacques Hersh
  • Marxism, the United States, and the Twentieth-Century by Paul Buhle
  • Who's Nae? by Marge Piercy
  • Mao Zedong: Chinese, Communist, Poet by Jonah Raskin
  • Slumlord Aesthetics and the Question of Indian Poverty by Nandini Chandra
  • Why Socialism? by Albert Einstein
  • Prophets of the 'Permanent War Economy' by Ernest Haberkern

Vol. 60, No. 11: April 2009

  • Notes from the Editors, April 2009 by The Editors (MR)
  • The Sales Effort and Monopoly Capital by Hannah Holleman; Inger L. Stole; John Bellamy Foster; Robert W. McChesney
  • The Credit Crisis: Is the International Role of the Dollar at Stake? by Ramaa Vasudevan
  • The Neoliberal Restructuring of Turkey's Social Security System by Simten Cosar, Metin Yegenoglu
  • The Promise and Perils of Korean Reunification by Martin Hart-Landsberg

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