Vol. 51, No. 9: February 2000

  • Notes from the Editors, February 2000 by The Editors (MR)
  • The Necessity of Gangster Capitalism: Primitive Accumulation in Russia and China by Nancy Holmstrom, Richard Smith
  • Overcoming Racism by Staughton Lynd
  • Kosovo and "The Jewish Question" by John Rosenthal
  • Remembering Murray Levin by Howard Zinn
  • Subversion and Scholarship by Robert Engler
  • More than Entertainment by Paul Street

Vol. 51, No. 8: January 2000

  • Notes from the Editors, January 2000 by The Editors (MR)
  • The World Trade Organization? Stop World Take Over by William K. Tabb
  • The Blair Kitsch Project by Tariq Ali
  • The Need for a Radical Alternative: An Interview with Istv Mzos by Elias Kanellis, Istv Mzos
  • Us Versus Them: Laboring in the Academic Factory by Michael D. Yates
  • Renato Constantino, 1919-1999 by Frederic F. Clairmont (AKA Frederick F. Clairmonte)
  • Letter to Leonard Peltier by Subcomandante Marcos


Vol. 51, No. 7: December 1999

  • Global Economic Crisis, Neoliberal Solutions, and the Philippines by Kim Scipes
  • APEC at Auckland by Jim Delahunty
  • Competition and Class: A Reply to Foster and McNally by Robert Brenner
  • Marxism, Human Nature, and Social Change by Martha E. Gimenez
  • New Labour, New Thatcherites by John Newsinger

Vol. 51, No. 6: November 1999

  • A Poetics of Anticolonialism by Robin D. G. Kelley
  • Are New Trade Wars Looming? by William K. Tabb
  • The Road Not Taken by Michael D. Yates
  • The CIA and the Cultural Cold War Revisited by James Petras

Vol. 51, No. 5: October 1999

  • Labor and the Imperialism of Finance by William K. Tabb
  • The Public Sector Strikes in South Africa: A Trial of Strength by Franco Barchiesi
  • If It's So Important, Why Won't They Pay For It?: Public Higher Education at the Turn of the Century by Marilyn Kleinberg Neimark
  • Class Formation, Capital Accumulation, and the Downsizing of America by Andy Merrifield
  • Halting McCarthyism: The Stamler Case in History by Paul Buhle
  • Subersion in British Guiana: Why and How the Kennedy Administration Got Rid of a Democratic Government by Hector J. Parekh
  • Prison Sentences by Mumia Abu-Jamal
  • A Revolutionary Tale from the Mayans of the Lacandon by Jack Weston

Vol. 51, No. 4: September 1999

  • Israeli Elections: Much Ado about Not Much by Shmuel Amir
  • The Politics of Capitalism by Ellen Meiksins Wood
  • Powerful Compassion: The Strike at Syracuse by Ali Shehzad Zaidi
  • Remarks on Paul Sweezy on the Occasion of his Receipt of the Veblen-Commons Award by John Bellamy Foster
  • How the Philippine-U.S. War Began by Daniel B. Schirmer
  • Four Poems by Adrienne Rich
  • Work, Sweat, and Internationalism by Barry Carr
  • We Made It, So What? by Martin Oppenheimer

Vol. 51, No. 3: July-August 1999

  • Unhappy Families: Global Capitalism in a World of Nation-States by Ellen Meiksins Wood
  • Sub-Saharan Africa in Global Capitalism by Colin Leys, John S. Saul
  • Latin America at the End of the Millennium by James Petras, Henry Veltmeyer
  • Capitalism in Asia at the End of the Millennium by Prabhat Patnaik
  • The End of the Japanese Postwar System by William K. Tabb
  • Russian Capitalism Today by Stanislav Menshikov
  • European Capitalism Today: Between the Euro and the Third Way by Gregory Albo, Alan Zuege
  • Booming, Borrowing, and Consuming: The U.S. Economy in 1999 by Doug Henwood
  • The Present as History: Thoughts on Capitalism at the Millennium by David McNally

Vol. 51, No. 2: June 1999

  • Kosovo and the New Imperialism by Ellen Meiksins Wood
  • NATO's Balkan Adventure by Tariq Ali
  • Is NATO's Onslaught a "Just War"? by Gilbert Achcar
  • NATO's Ethnic Cleansing: The Kurdish Question in Turkey by Sinan Esim
  • Is Overcompetition the Problem? by John Bellamy Foster
  • Turbulence in the World Economy by David McNally
  • East Asia in Crisis: Beyond Tina, Toward Socialism by Paul Burkett, Martin Hart-Landsberg

Vol. 51, No. 1: May 1999

  • Introduction: A Socialist Magazine in the American Century by Christopher Phelps
  • Interview with Paul Sweezy by Christopher Phelps, Paul M. Sweezy
  • Interview with Harry Magdoff by Christopher Phelps, Harry Magdoff
  • Interview with Ellen Meiksins Wood by Christopher Phelps, Ellen Meiksins Wood

Vol. 50, No. 11: April 1999

  • Political Reawakening in Zimbabwe by Patrick Bond
  • Mandela's Democracy by Andrew Nash
  • Contradictions in the Universalization of Capitalism by John Bellamy Foster
  • Noam Chomsky and the Struggle Against Neoliberalism by Robert W. McChesney
  • Churchill, Stalin, and the Greek Revolution by John Newsinger
  • The Evolution of Law by Howard J. Sherman
  • Different from the United States by Lukin Robinson

Vol. 50, No. 10: March 1999

  • The Geopolitics of the Asian Crisis by Stephen Gill
  • The U.S. Economy in 1999: Goldilocks Meets a Big Bad Bear? by Fred Moseley
  • No Mas Canosa by Saul Landau
  • Rebuilding Marxism by John Bellamy Foster
  • Revisiting the Marx-Malthus Debate by Martha E. Gimenez
  • Greenwash and Globalization by John Trumpbour

Vol. 50, No. 9: February 1999

  • Progressive Globalism: Challenging the Audacity of Capital by William K. Tabb
  • Reflections on the Politics of Culture by Michael Parenti
  • A Second Wave of National Liberation? by Fawzy Mansour
  • The U.S. Left and Media Politics by Robert W. McChesney
  • Social Change and Human Nature by Will Miller
  • Fusing Red and Green by Paul Burkett
  • Ode for the American Dead in Korea by Tom McGrath

Vol. 50, No. 8: January 1999

  • Braverman and the Class Struggle by Michael D. Yates
  • A Classic of Our Time: Labor and Monopoly Capital After a Quarter-Century by John Bellamy Foster
  • The International Motor Vehicle Program's Lean Production Benchmark: A Critique by James Rinehart
  • On Twenty-Five Years With Braverman's Labor and Monopoly Capital (or, How Did Control and Coordination of Labor Get Into the Software So Quickly?) by Joan Greenbaum
  • Before Braverman: Harry Frankel and the American Workers' Movement by Bryan D. Palmer
  • An Asian-American Tale by Paul Buhle
  • A Black Rosie the Riveter from a Red Perspective by Jack Weston
  • Mass Movements Need Mass History by J. Quinn Brisben


Vol. 50, No. 7: December 1998

  • Mathus' Essay On Population at Age 200: A Marxian View by John Bellamy Foster
  • "Muslim" Women and "Western" Feminists: The Debate on Particulars and Universals by Shahrzad Mojab
  • U.S. Imperialism and 1898 by Hobart A. Spalding
  • Amilcar Cabral: An Extraction From the Literature by Sylvester Cohen, Jr.
  • L'Etranger et l'Etrangere: Camus Against the Other by John L. Hess
  • Capitalism and the Information Age by Ben H. Bagdikian

Vol. 50, No. 6: November 1998

  • On Gender and Class in U.S. Labor History by Johanna Brenner
  • Globalization and Internationalism: How Up-to-date is the Communist Manifesto? by Michael Ly
  • Rural Reaction and War on the Waterfront in Australia by Rick Kuhn
  • Ella Baker, Who Would Not Rest for Freedom by John J. Simon
  • "Postmodern Marxism": A Critique by Christopher Rude
  • The Canadian Auto Workers by James Rinehart

Vol. 50, No. 5: October 1998

  • Capitalist Change and Generational Shifts by Ellen Meiksins Wood
  • "The State in a Changing World": Social-Democratizing Global Capitalism? by Leo Panitch
  • Multilateral Agreement on Investment by Joseph K. Roberts
  • The Cold War According to My Weekly Reader by Marc Richards
  • Between Marxism and Pragmatism by Alan Wald
  • Blacks, Whites, and Reds by Michael D. Yates

Vol. 50, No. 4: September 1998

  • Globalization on Trial: Crisis and Class Struggle in East Asia by David McNally
  • A Report From Minsk by Valentin Maslyukov
  • Keeping the Faith: The U.S. Left 19681998 by Victor Wallis
  • The Color of Politics by Aaron Brenner
  • The Politics of Class War from Above by Fred Block

Vol. 50, No. 3: July-August 1998

  • Introduction to the Hungry for Profit Issue by John Bellamy Foster; Fred Magdoff; Frederick H. Buttel
  • The Agrarian Origins of Capitalism by Ellen Meiksins Wood
  • Liebig, Marx and the Depletion of Soil Fertility: Relevance for Today's Agriculture by John Bellamy Foster, Fred Magdoff
  • Agriculture and Monopoly Capital by William D. Heffernan
  • Ecological Impacts of Industrial Agriculture and the Possibilities for Truly Sustainable Farming by Miguel A. Altieri
  • The Maturing of Capitalist Agriculture: Farmer as Proletarian by Richard C. Lewontin
  • New Agriculture Biotechnologies: The Struggle for Democratic Choice by Gerad Middendorf; Mike Skladany; Elizabeth Ransom; Lawrence Busch
  • Global Food Politics by Philip McMichael
  • Rebuilding Local Food Systems From the Grassroots Up by Elizabeth Henderson
  • Want Amid Plenty by Janet Poppendieck
  • Alternative Agriculture Works: The Case of Cuba by Peter M. Rosset
  • The Importance of Land Reform in the Reconstruction of China by William Hinton

Vol. 50, No. 2: June 1998

  • The Reconstruction of Bourgeois Order in Northern Ireland by John Newsinger
  • The Communist Manifesto and the Problem of Universality by Aijaz Ahmad
  • The East Asian Financial Crisis by William K. Tabb
  • Science in a Skeptical Age by John Bellamy Foster
  • The Market Gulag by Frederic F. Clairmont (AKA Frederick F. Clairmonte)

Vol. 50, No. 1: May 1998

  • Why Socialism? by Albert Einstein
  • The Communist Manifesto Today by Paul M. Sweezy
  • A Note on the Communist Manifesto by Harry Magdoff
  • The Communist Manifesto After 150 Years by Ellen Meiksins Wood
  • Spectres of Capitalism by Samir Amin, Shane Mage
  • Why We Need A New Manifesto by Daniel Singer
  • Communists and Workers In Ex-Communist Europe by Peter Gowan
  • What Goes Around Comes Around by Elly Leary

Vol. 49, No. 11: April 1998

  • Teamsters Reform Movement Survives Carey's Debacle by Jane Slaughter
  • The Scale of Our Ecological Crisis: An Exchange; Marxism, Metaphors, and Ecological Politics: An Exchange; Rejoinder by John Bellamy Foster, David Harvey
  • North Korea Diary by Hugh Deane
  • Che Guevara and the FBI by James D. Cockcroft

Vol. 49, No. 10: March 1998

  • Sources and Resources of Zapatism by Michael Ly, Joan Pinkham
  • Human Rights Imperialism by Uwe-Jens Heuer; Gregor Schirmer; Anita Mage
  • The New Theology of the First Amendment: Class Privilege Over Democracy by Robert W. McChesney
  • Being White in Black/White Relations: A Professor's Singular Life Journey by Edwin Hoffman
  • Horror Show, Inc. by Douglas F. Dowd
  • A Response to Andy Pollack by David Bellin, Jeremy Raw

Vol. 49, No. 9: February 1998

  • Confronting the Time Bind: Work, Family, and Capitalism by Peter Meiksins
  • New Labour and the Reorganization of British Politics by Simon Kennedy
  • The Uncontrollability of Globalizing CapitalIntro to Beyond Capital by Istv Mzos
  • Digital Diploma Mills: The Automation of Higher Education by David Noble
  • The Judas Economy and the Limits of Acceptable Debate by Paul Street

Vol. 49, No. 8: January 1998

  • A Letter to a Contributor: The Same Old State by Harry Magdoff
  • Eras of Power: An Exchange; Class Compacts, the Welfare State, and Epochal Shifts: An Exchange; Reply by Richard Cloward; Frances Fox Piven; Ellen Meiksins Wood
  • People Are Important: A Mathematician's Faith by Dirk Struik
  • UPS and Detroit Newspaper Strikes by Jane Slaughter
  • Staughton Lynd, The New Left, and The Working Class by Martin Glaberman


Vol. 49, No. 7: December 1997

  • The Women Who Organized Harvard: A Feminist Model of Labor Organization? by Elly Leary, Jean Alonso
  • Imperialism and NGOs in Latin America by James Petras
  • Mexico's Rising Inequality by James W. Russell
  • Music, Marxism, and the Hype About D.I.Y by Barry Stoller
  • The Deng Xiaoping Era by Bruce Cumings
  • Washington Babylon by Vijay Prashad
  • The Martian Trilogy by John Newsinger
  • Strategy and Conflict by Lynn Turgeon
  • Surviving in Tough Country by J. Quinn Brisben

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