• Notes from the Editors, February 2007 by The Editors (MR)
  • The Ecology of Destruction by John Bellamy Foster
  • 'No Radical Change in the Model' by John Bellamy Foster
  • The State and Economy in Brazil: An Introduction by Rosa Maria Marques, Paulo Nakatani
  • Lula and Social Policy: In the Service of Financial Capital by Rosa Maria Marques, uilas Mendes
  • The Financial Globalization of Brazil under Lula by Daniela Magalhs Prates, Leda Maria Paulani
  • The Brazilian Economy under Lula: A Balance of Contradictions by Fabrio Augusto de Olivera, Paulo Nakatani
  • The Neoliberal Agrarian Model in Brazil by Jo Pedro Stedile
  • U.S. Imperialism and the Third World by Shahid Alam
Published: 2007-02-01